Can anyone help identify the morph of this boy?

This is my roommate’s crestie. She rescued him a few months ago from someone who could no longer care for him, and as we’ve been learning more about them, we’ve become curious what to call his colouring. I tried to figure it out myself but quickly became overwhelmed by all the potential options!

This is Mork:


He’s a partial pin Dalmation.
Funny enough I currently have a couple like him, one fires grey and the other black :blush:


Awesome, thanks! He’s such a cutie pie, we love him!


I’d say his more of a high % pinstripe & dalmation. Do you know if he Is fired up or down in the pic? Anymore pics of him?


Interesting, I’d love to see them. Since they fire up in different colours, what’s the difference between them? Their base colour?

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They’re on my portfolio, zombie and corpse, though that may be looking for homes now along with another adult.
Zombie is a lovely grey/yellow fired down and corpse is like a grey/blueish fired down with yellow. :blush:

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Oh right. I didn’t know about the portfolio feature.


I don’t believe he’s fired up there. Unfortunately that’s the only photo I currently have of him on my phone, but I’ll try to either snap a few more or get some my roommate has taken a little later today.


Sorry, the last couple days have been super busy for me, so I haven’t been able to get anymore pics yet.

I’m curious if that greenish-grey base colour of his has a specific name. Sometimes it’s more green, other times it’s more grey (I assume the difference between fired up vs. fired down). But I love it! And I think it contrasts beautifully with his bright yellow crest. Most of the other cresties I’ve seen are darker in colour, with more of a brown/orange colour palette. Those are really beautiful too, but I just adore Mork’s green and yellow colouring. I realise I’m a bit biased, but I just think he’s the absolute cutest.

My roommate is moving out next month, sadly, and Mork is going with her. In fact, all the lizards in the house are hers, so when she leaves, I’ll be lizardless for the first time in a while. :frowning: Although I recently heard about a chameleon in need of a home, so…I might not be lizardless for long. :wink:

If his green, then the colour would be olive, however we’d need to see a pic of him fired up before confirming. He doesn’t look olive in the pic above, but then I haven’t seen many olives unfired.

Fired up is when the colours are at their brightest/deepest. This usually happens late at night, if put into a humid box or after heavy misting.

Cresties can look very different unfired as opposed to fired up.

Here is an example
Kona (gecko on the left) unfired

Kona fired up