Can anyone help identify this morph?

I am a novice at identifying marks/colors ect. and just learning the how to’s and need some help from you guys that have more knowledge and experience then I do in this area.

I was told it is a pastel ghost, but all the generic photos I googled, do not quite match the smooth pattern and intensity of this snake, I picked him up at a Petco, they discounted him for me because he was in the store too long supposedly and nobody wanted him…which is hard to believe cause I think it’s a really nice looking snake in person and very passive.

I have a normal pastel and they are vastly different, but most of the searched photos of a pastel ghost look similar to my regular pastel other than intensity and maybe a slight difference in the dark shades.

I included photos, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:



Considering its from a Petco store, I think that’s quite a accurate ID.

Bright yellow "O"s and “hooks”, intense blushing on the dorsal and flames up the side… That’s the pastel.

The tone of the blushing is heavily faded, almost down to a murky yellowy-white, the whole crown of the head is nearly colourless and toward the tail you have blank “alien heads”… That’s the ghost.

These are all things I personally have picked up as common markers for each gene, and yours expresses them extremely well. Take other opinions into account aswel though, as I’m not the most experienced.

Here are some examples from the Marketplace

Thank you, I did figure as much. I am just wondering if maybe it was a possibility that enchi was present, causing the brighter orange and clean pattern, he matches better to all the photos I have seen that have enchi in them, similar to these.

I would say it doesn’t have enchi. Too many alien heads and not a clean enough pattern for enchi to be present.

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Makes, sense. I am just trying to figure out what caused the bright orange. In person it’s like a creamier version of Reese’s wrapper orange.

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It’s a pastel hypo/ghost. Next time it sheds, check for pattern if you’re not sure, hypos/ghost shed clear :+1: lovely animal nonetheless.


Thank you! That is helpful to know for sure. I appreciate that~ :slight_smile:

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As @ashleyraeanne mentioned, Enchi has a really clean pattern. Inside of the alien heads, Enchis rarely have marking. I wouldn’t say it was.


If yours was Enchi:

There is a rough bit of visual help :blush:


I see the difference that it isn’t enchi. I think I will take Michael’s advice and wait for the shed, to see if hypo is causing the brighter orange.

Thank you for the advice and direction guys!


@eaglereptiles I need your photo edit skills… Making a logo is whooping my tail lol


I am in the process of making my hubbies logo, we both are artistic, but he doesn’t have the Photoshop knowledge that I have. XD

But yeah, eagles quick edit helped, so this guys brightness probably is the hypos doing, just going to wait for him to shed like Michael suggested to be sure. :slight_smile:


He shed, do you think it’s Hypo causing the brighter orange?

A better pic would help, if you could lay it out flat.