Can anyone help identify what kind of axanthic this is? (if any)

Hey guys!

A friend of mine is getting rid of some of his snakes and says this is a “black axanthic” could anyone shed light on what kind of axanthic this actually is, if it is one? i would really appreciate that before i take it off his hands!!


Not a black axanthic at all. They are extremely dark and expensive snakes. Hard to tell if it is an axanthic given the lighting, but given your friend falsely claims it as a black axanthic, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a normal or pastel.


Based on this picture, not a black axanthic, if he says it is ask him for an invoice from the time of purchase or ask him whom he purchased it from so they can verify with you. (Not many people work with black axanthics so it can be easily verified)

If it is another axanthic none of the lines are compatible so buying that type of animal for breeding purposes is not gonna work, you won’t know what to pair it with and no one is gonna buy an unknown line axanthic or unknown line of hets.

Not such a great deal after all from a friend.


well the guy got it from someone else a few years ago and he isnt really into knowing the genetics or anything like that more just for the pet purposes and came to me asking if i wanted it!

so its not like hes trying to falsely claim as he doesn’t know what it really means! i was inclined to say maybe a VPI? but without other people speculating or giving their opinion i dont particularly want to take it and start breeding not knowing what it full is thats all!

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Could it just be het for axanthic? I’m not seeing visual axanthic


possibly! but again he definitely will not know if its het thats for sure, il never be able to find that out! which is why i was going with the community majority on this one :joy:

Yeah, unless you just start crossing it with every known line of axanthic you’re probably not going to know


Definitely not a black axanthic. Maybe a poss het for one line of axanthic, but I don’t believe that would be black axanthic. We would also need some better photos to properly try to identify that snake, tho identifying het for axanthics is not very likely.