Can anyone help me figure out my leopard gecko's morph?

So I just got this little baby a few days ago and I’m very new to leopard geckos and I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out their morph. I’m guessing it’s in the snow family.


@erie-herps @mblaney can help :blush:
They’re the Leo gurus! :star_struck:


Do you have any information like the pairing?

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Ooooh, idk but its some kinda morph. @mblaney can assist tho

I won’t answer for her, but I imagine @mblaney is PROBABLY going to say the baby needs to grow some before you can make a solid decision on it’s morph. Leopard geckos change and develop different colors and patterns in their first year or so, so it may be too early to tell.


On the topic of the baby being too young, you were likely sold it too young, that is way too small to be selling. You should also put it on paper towels for a little while just to make sure it’s healthy. If you want to improve your enclosure you can post pictures of it along with your feeding schedule and we can give advice on how to improve it.


I have not raised Mack Snows myself, but it’s my understanding that they are born with a distinctive, smeared-looking pattern. I do not know how long the ‘smearing’ last in terms of age, but this is a young gecko and it does not have the distinctive baby patterning of a Mack Snow.

I have never owned, bred, or even seen in person Gem Snows or TUG Snows, so I do not know if there is any way to recognize them by phenotype as either a baby or adult, I think you have to know the pairing (mom & dad). Albey Snows I am very familiar with & can’t be identified visually, you have to know the genetic background.

@wrai is totally right, you cannot generally know how pattern & color may change as they grow, and thus you cannot know the full description that will suit the gecko as an adult until it’s older (e.g., whether it is a hypo or not).

Right now (and parts of this could change), I’d say your baby (which is adorable, by the way) has a Jungle pattern & is Pastel in color. However, that might be a hot take, as the definition of ‘Pastel’ as a morph isn’t well defined (kind of like ‘Ghosts’- people disagree what it means for leos). I use the term ‘Pastel’ to describe a gecko that is pastel in color & shade. As I mentioned, your gecko’s color may change as it matures.

What do you think guys think about ‘Pastel,’ @erie-herps @westridge ?


That is definitely a Snow. What line, you won’t know without parent info. It could grow up to be a Stripe/Bold Stripe and/or Ghost, but you won’t be able to tell until it is older.


So I got this baby at petsmart so I don’t know the pattern and it was definitely way to young to be sold but it was in a tiny tank and the temp was over a 100 degrees so I just had to get them out of there. I kinda figured I had to wait a bit to be able to tell the morph but I figured why not see if anyone knew. :grin:


The only problem with rescuing these animals is that you’re only encouraging them. The more people buy the more geckos they can get. So by buying one you’re letting them do the same to another gecko.


I agree with @erie-herps

As much as your trying to help this gecko, what will happen to the next gecko :pensive:


Also agree.
I have never, and I will never buy from a shop, I go directly to breeders or people who have brought off breeder so I know they’ve been looked after well and come from good lines etc.

Not that’s all shops are bad though. I know some Amazing ones! But since animals are brought in bulk etc it really puts me off.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s one of the most beautiful leopard geckos I’ve ever seen :heart_eyes: