Can anyone help me guess my little mans age

Can anyone help me figure out how old my little dude is? I got him off someone who knew nothing about snakes. Hes 145grams hes also my first snake so I really just want a rough guess. .


It could be 2 months like it could be 8 months a lot comes into play and you cannot gauge age by weight.


I agree with what @stewart_reptiles said. Weight isn’t a main factor when it comes to age but I am confident that he is still under a year of age

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Depends on if he was a problem feeder, or if he wasn’t fed well. My girl Bellatrix was just around 100 grams at a year old because she wouldn’t eat for me for a few months. She has finally made it to a solid 310 grams at a year and a half old and has started eating everything I give to her. She is small for her age compared to consistent feeders, and many would think she is younger. Weight can’t really be an indicator of age because of the variables that go into a snakes size.


Ok thanks guys. I’m still learning about all this, I’m pretty new.


No worries at all. We were all new at some point


Cute though :relieved: let us know how is he/she? doing in the long run :slight_smile: are u sure of that sex, if previous owner don’t know anything about the snake?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. I watched so many videos on how to tell but I just cant seem to get it. He doesnt like to sit still long enough.

You should be very careful with that snake, when you are trying to find out. You can make damage to snake if you don’t do it right. I have left the job for wiser that really can do it with care.
Maybe you should try to find out if there’s someone who could do it for you?

If you couldnt get it figured out its best to stop trying. New snake, new owner, new environment. Popping and probing when done wrong can cause issues with bowel movements, infections and reproduction (worst case scenarios but it happens). At the very least you can instill repetitive stress and fear in your snake. The enjoyment from ball pythons as pets is a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you have a breeding program his/her sex doesnt really matter right now. I would say for now focus on your BPs environment, feeding, and minimal handling schedules. Both my BPs are “pets” and young. I handle them each once a week. Even though they are predators they behave like prey. Small, dark, undisturbed places are where they prefer to be. Dont sketch it out from the jump. Give it some time. Feed it and leave it alone for a few weeks. Figure it out with time, vet visit, more experience, meeting informed handlers etc. Dont take sexing your snake as a challenge you gotta resolve asap