Can anyone help me ID my ball python?

Can anyone help me identify my ball python? I’m a first time owner and I was told he was a leopard yellow belly het clown?


Definitely looks leopard! It is difficult for me to tell if it’s yellow belly at all, leopards are so varied, usually you can see a busier pattern and orange or non white flames coming up from the belly. Of course the belly would be checkered along the edges, but with leopards that can mask a lot of these subtle differences. also can’t see the het clown in it but being a recessive trait you usually can’t!:rofl: very nice snake though! Enjoy!:+1:


Welcome to the forum @chlogal3! So glad you found us! You have gotten some excellent feedback on your new BP! Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions at all! Btw very pretty snake! :blush: