Can anyone help me identify this morph

Are the pictures of the same gecko at different ages or different geckos? Can you get a picture that shows the top of the head better?

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They are the same gecko but a couple weeks apart and yes I can

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I’m thinking that it could be a Murphy’s Patternless but the bit of the head pattern in the pictures is throwing me off a little bit.
@mblaney what are your thoughts?


It’s an albino, which type I can’t tell you for sure. Tremper tends to be the most common followed by Bell I think. The only way to know for sure is by breeding.

As for the rest, better more natural colored light may help. The patterns on the back look a little more like a stripe to me than a M.Paternless, but hard to tell in that lighting.


It has like 3 different colors in its eyes and since I got it it’s gotten 2 stripes down it’s back and some spots on its head. But the color is very pale.

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