Can anyone help me?

Hello! I had gotten a ball python a couple of months ago, I had no plans on breeding him and still don’t. But besides that he hasn’t eaten for me sense we got him! I’ve tried almost everything I could think of, I made sure to try and feed him at night, I made sure the rat was warm, I’ve tried different methods and nothing has worked. I was wondering if anyone could give me more tips or if anyone knows anything to do. :frowning:


Pretty snake! Sorry it’s being difficult for you. In your post you didn’t mention trying mice, some balls prefer mice over rats. Also if you have tried live, if you are allowed or able to. That would be a good starting point. Also wait a week before trying again in case it is stressed. Hope it starts eating for ya!


it happens with balls for sure, patience is key, how long have you had it without feeding? also, have you tried piking/braining the rat? that can help too. also heating up the thawed rat with a hairdryer can help too because it will be hot and dry both. best of luck! I actually just uploaded a video to YouTube on this subject!

I have an African House Snake who was giving me trouble- right now he’s happily slamming live food but I’m getting him transitioned to F/T. So here’s some stuff I’ve tried, in case any of it is stuff you haven’t done yet. Or try recombining some of them.

Sometimes tweaking their temps up a little or down a little in their enclosure can help too, if you haven’t tried that yet. cutting out who if anyone spends time near their enclosure.

Or adding a LOT more cover and clutter and hide space to their enclosure, and blacking out three sides of it with paper. A snake who doesn’t feel like there’s a choice of good hidey spots won’t eat.

Or minimalizing handling or contact or noises for like five or six days to let them kinda de-stress before feeding…

So long as he’s not losing any weight, don’t worry- he’ll come around to it eventually, once he feels secure and you hit on something to tempt him.


Thank you for the help! He just shed today and we are hoping that might also help a little. We’ve had him for at least 4 months and he hasn’t eaten once for us so it just scared me when he started to lose weight. :(.

What is its enclosure like? Ball pythons like to feel very secure, I even have one that is in a rack that you would think it would feel secure in, but it wouldn’t eat, so inside the tub (that isn’t clear) I had to put a hide for it, now it eats. So make sure it has plenty of hiding opportunities. Also what are it’s temps and humidity like? Lastly just keep an eye on its body condition, if it still is maintaining that healthy looking ball python structure I wouldn’t panic yet. I have a male that will go off food for 5 months every year, like clockwork, but it stays healthy and always goes back on food like nothing happened lol.