Can anyone identify the morphs in this cg

Can anyone tell what morph this gecko is he’s at my local reptile shop for $60(us


The traits, would need better images.

But from those I would say a Harlequin Partial pin or even Pin Dash Dalmatian.

Looking at the ones listed to me being able to see him in person(sorry for the bad pictures the lighting in the shop was not very good) he looks like a dal,pin dashed harlequin

It’s hard to tell but I’d say the Crestie looks like a pin dash harlequin dalmation

Yeah once again sorry for the bad pictures the lighting was terrible seeing him in person that is what I believe it is would you say that he’s desenly prices at $69 or about €60

If looking to breed then it’s not something a lot go for…
But if a pet then it’s up to you?
Pet store brought too I wouldn’t breed myself.

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I do want to get a breeder but I need a female and this one is too young to tell anyways I might get him/her as a pet just because I like the way he/she looks I’m still pretty confused about breeding them with what traits are good to get into if you could help with that, if not no worries I have a yellow brindle with his mom being unknown and his dad being AE lines if you have any recommendations If not no worries.

It’s not to young to sex at all, but if they haven’t a clue it’s not worth the risk :grin:

What morphs are the brindles mum and dad?

I haven’t been able to get a straight answer as to his mom but I believe she is a yellow brindle tiger and dad is a yellow flame brindle

You don’t get flame brindle.

So I’ll assume both were I’d get another brindle to pair him with if we’re my, extreme brindles are awesome :grin:
But obviously you’ll get the ‘Kinder Surprises’ out too! :relaxed:


Yeah the mom is actually the flame one the dad is actually for sale right now so that’s how I know lol

Pick something you like! Super brindles are awesome, but only if you want one.

I was hoping to put my brindle to a tiger to see what it does, but I didn’t find a tiger and I’ve changed my direction.

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