Can anyone please help identify her morph?

Vet said she had never seen a ball python without black circles in the brown spots. Python is 28 years old if that’s helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Welcome to the community! Better pictures would help but looks like a wild type

Thanks. Is it rare for wild types to not have black spots in their brown parts?

Sometimes, there’s a lot of natural variation


Not claiming to be expert, just a few ideas.
Totaly agree with what chesterhf said, but its not common, and possibly might be something else in it.
Either way, enjoy the variation it has.
, As saleengrinch says more pictures would help. Also its old so may have gotten darker with age, which might have obscured any contrast,
But I see a few remints of eyes in the alien heads, Maybe a UV picture might show any hidden eyes/patterns better. Just an idea.

Also welcome, and have fun here.

As an example of the variation in wild-types, including a greatly reduced expression of eyes in the alien heads


It’s likely a normal. It isn’t unlikely for snakes not to have the eyes in the alien heads. If you look through all of the normal ball pythons in the marketplace you’ll see a lot of variation.


This is our wild type girl. Unknown breeding from a local serpentarium in our area. Very pretty coloring. Even has really dark belly pattern all the way from top to bottom.