Can ball pythons eat quail chicks

I have a buddy who feeds frozen quail chicks to his boas sometimes to add extra diversity could I try this with my ball python?

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I hope so :sweat_smile: I’ve fed them to my own balls now and again without issue.

You run the risk of them going off of rats/mice but I’ve never had this myself. I regularly defrost an extra chicken chick or two as a second meal if they are up for it after a mouse… But this is mainly because I underestimated how many frozen chicks I was ordering and now have a overflow taking up a whole shelf of my human freezer (that’s not where I store my humans, that’s a different one :wink:)


I too have a separate “human” freezer! Too funny! @eaglereptiles
I have read that in the wild bps natural food source is birds as well as rodents (african soft fur) So no problem there and very healthy for any snake, but I would also be concerned with the snake not wanting to go back to rodents. If you have just a pet or two that would be no big deal, but availability and cost would definitely be a factor for most who keep even a small collection in my opinion.


Availability and cost aren’t a problem as I can get them for basically the same price on a bulk rodent website I order from


It depends on the animal. Some will take them, some will not, some will be hit or miss. No harm in trying though.