Can co-dom genes be present but not visual?

Hello all,

I am looking to get a pair of boas for future breeding and I was wondering if anyone knew if co-dom genes could be non-visual but present in a boa?

For example if a Motley or Jungle boa had off spring that did not show that trait, could the off spring still carry that gene even though it’s not visual? If yes, would this be a concern pairing this animal with another boa that has the same co-dom gene?

Like het jungle and het motley as a “normal” looking snake? That’s not a thing. They are incomplete dominant traits that are visual heterozygous for the super form.
However motley x motley is a problematic pairing. Super motley’s are born with muscular dystrophy and have growth problems because of it, many live a short painful life because they are so weak. Jungle x Jungle is also a lethal pairing and the young don’t survive very long.
You may already know this and that is why you’re asking.

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In a word, no. The non-motley (for example) animals in a motley litter are no different than normals that do not have motley siblings or motley parents.