Can cresties have blue eyes?

Curious to know…Are there crested geckos with blue eyes? I sometimes think I see them in ads, but it can be hard to tell in a photo.

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What do you mean by blue eyes?

Lilly White’s & sometimes Lilly White offspring (but not Lilly White themselves) have like a greyish colour to them.

Do you have any pics for example?

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Here are some of the closer I’ve found. I’m mostly trying to figure out if it’s actually possible or if I’m chasing something that doesn’t exist. I think these are mostly gray like you’re describing.

Here are some pics of some of my Cresties. All of these were produced from Lilly White’s or are Lilly White’s (not 4)

Are these the type of eyes your looking for?


Yes they can have blueish eyes, they’re like blue/grey, I have many here with them, I also have a Lilly with pinky eyes!


Yes, like those! Thank you. Good to know where they come from and that they exist!

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Whoa! That must look crazy.

Glad we could help