Can I inquire to sellers on the forums?

Can I post here and say I’m looking for a specific leo and have sellers respond? Don’t know if that’s allowed. I know I can search for morphs, etc on the market but I’m looking for super friendly geckos, who like to be held /tolerate handling well, sweet, etc. I care about the morphs too but the personality matters most to me and don’t see any way to tell that. A lot of times it isn’t listed and other than messaging every seller on my wish list I didn’t know if I could ask here? Just something like ISO and a description and have them message me if they have that available?

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Not really. You can direct message someone posting in the leo section but we don’t recommend one breeder above another it is up to you to research your sellers.


Direct messaging them on their listing is the best thing to do. The sellers response by time, or how involved they are in talking to you about a specific animal you might be interested in, will tell you a lot more about them and if you’d like to move forward and do business with them.


As previously stated this is not the place, if you are looking to purchase an animal MorphMarket is the place to go to, contact sellers and ask the questions that are important to you.


No advertisements to buy or sell without admin approval. Classifieds ads belong in the marketplace. Any discussion about “available” items can be taken to Private Messages.


ok, ty for the clarification.