Can i keep 1 male and 1 female crested gecko together

I have male lily white crested gecko 24 grams and im getting 45 grams female super dalmatian will i be able keeping them in one enclosure i have 2 enclosures 18x18x24 and 18x18x36 inches if i can keep them together in one enclosure which will be better option ?


Don’t keep males and females together. It will result in the male overbreeding the female which will be dangerous for both of them. Plus the female is pretty much 2 times the size of the male.


I agree, its not good to keep them together for anything longer than a few days, and that is only done for breeding purposes. The female will get super stressed, and both will probably stop eating.


Thank you guys for the replies but i have seen this female staying with another male more than 4 months together they never had a issues so i was thinking if i can do that with my male and that female but i will reconsider it

The size difference is not great, if you want to breed a male and a female in general, they need to be around the same size. Each pair is different, so while overbreeding and not eating can occur, it’s not necessarily gonna happen - lots of people keep groups together year round with no crashes or anything. But the problem with keeping cresties together in my opinion, regardless of their sexes, is that they’re not particularly social meaning at best they’re only tolerating each other, which might change at any moment. Ive heard of both breeding groups and female groups being kept together without any (obvious) problems for years, and then suddenly one of them is attacking the other(s). There’s also a recent study that shows that in female groups one of them will dominate the others.


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No. Do NOT keep them together.

Males with harass the females non stop which will lead to issues. I’ve seen females become skinny to the point of death, egg bounding that’s led to females die also and even males won’t eat either.
It’s not nice to see and unfortunately the people learnt too late not to keep together. :pensive:

Males need to be 35/40g to breed and females over 45.

I put mine together for a few days, adding the female to the males viv, and then remove. Though if I see a lock right away I’ll remove same day.

Also think about what you want to make as you’re going to Lillie’s with spots unless that’s the outcome you want. Just may be harder to sell unfortunately.


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I appreciate that the comments above are likely not what your want to see. But I agree.
Your male is too small to go with the female. I know some people have kept male and females together without issue but they were in (please forgive me, I don’t work in inches) 24" x 18" x 24" minimum and they were both docile cresties. However, even the size issue, the pairing isn’t a great combo for selling & I assume you will be trying to sell the offspring as you’d have LOTS of eggs, as said above…the male won’t stop breeding with the female. And also stated above it will likely lead to issues…

Just because someone else has done it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. We have a right to offer these creatures a quality life, so the question is … Do you think it will be quality for them both? Just something for you to think about and to not actually respond.

If your looking to breed, they only need to go together a few days and eggs will come all year, maybe even a few years down the line!

I hope you find our answers helpful