Can I order baytril online

I am trying to restock my reptile supplies and i figure it would be nice to have some baytril on hand in case I ever need it as opposed to if one day I need it and don’t have it. Also I’ve seen a lot of baytril for dogs is it the same, can I use either I feel like they say for dogs for a reason but at the same time they are both just Enrofloxacin shouldn’t they work either way please help thanks in advance

Last time I looked it wasn’t something I could just order. I would be interested if you found out different.

I tried to find some myself in the past, but I couldn’t get it without a vet prescription. Maybe you could talk to your nearest exotics vet and see if they would give you a prescription, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they would just give you one for no reason, especially since Baytril can be harmful for your reptile if it isn’t used correctly. I had to use the injectable one for one of my ball pythons in the past, and the vet had to make sure that I knew what the right amount of medicine to use is, how to inject it into my snake to get the medicine right under the skin, not to use the same injection site twice, and where to inject it on the snake’s body. It was a bit of pain for me and my snake.

It’s can be obtain with a prescriptiin only. There is only one I can think of that can be bought over the counter.

Not something to have around just in case.

1# Because it expires
2# Because based on what your animal would be dealing with it might not be the best antibiotic or the one that would be prescribed.