Can or will a Male KSB mate more than once a season

Just curious if they can be used to “stud” or if its all single pairings each year.

Yes, males can be used with multiple females in a season. About 3 or 4 is as many as you want to pair with though, for best fertility.

I was thinking that would be the case but some animals are odd in their mating habits. Gilbert will be happy to learn he can more than one gf when its time lol.

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Thank you very much as well. I appreciate it.

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It is possible for some individuals to show mate preference and steadfastly refuse one another for no discernible reason but it’s fairly rare.

That’s fair, When we tried to breed our mini schnauzers years ago our female wasn’t having any of it and nipped our male in the gonads and that was the end of all that. He never took an interest again and now he’s just old and weird lol. Back on topic. I am working on getting a couple of normal het snow males right now, the females keep falling through for me though it seems.