Can pupate be put together in a tub

Will mealworm pupate turn into beetles if placed together in a tub of oats?
I’ve watched videos of people saying they need to be separated but I’ve also seen some people say they don’t. Most have put them all together in a tub. I have read that super worms need to separated to pupate though. But I’m breeding mealworms so I’d like to know how I should keep the pupate. I have maybe 30 together in a tub of oats now and am going to finish picking the pupate out of the main container tomorrow.

I leave my mealworms to it. They change into those wriggles as I call them, then beetles.
They breed, they make more.
I have never once separated :sweat_smile:

The beetles dont eat the eggs,mealworms, or pupate when kept together?

In my experience the beetles will eat the pupae when they are kept together unless something else is provided (like a carrot or apple piece).

Nope, never have with me. But I fed them, so always had food. Infact have some not with pupate and not been eaten.