Can someon e identify this carpet python

Here is a pic. Im thinking about trading for him but dont really want a giant coastal carpet…


Looks like a coastal x jungle cross.

Coastal carpets don’t get huge unless you feed them huge. Same goes for all carpets. As Nick Mutton always says, there is a strange occurrence in the hobby where people conflate maximum size and average size. The average adult carpet is 6’. 7-8’ examples aren’t uncommon out there and yes there was a 14’ coastal caught in Aus but that’s not the average size. People always talk about coastals in the hobby getting 10’ and in all my years I’ve never see one get anywhere close to that. My Coastals are still shy of 6’ at 5 years old.


still dont want a coastal so Are you saying this one is a coastal or a mix?


He is saying it is a cross


It’s a mix. Any carpet python being sold should have lineage information or least have the line it’s from mentioned. Any time that’s not the case it’s safe to assume the animal is a mix.

This particular animal looks like a standard Jungle x Coastal mix.

Thanks to recent DNA work done by Dr Booth they’ve both been proven to be the exact same species of carpet python just occupy different habitat niches. Due to the phenotypical differences we still generally keep them separate in the hobby.