Can someone help?

Hello! I have a very young super Mojave female. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what gene I should breed her too when she is older? I was thinking spider but I honestly haven’t looked into a lot of options sense I have a long while until I can breed her.

(I know she is on the skinnier side, I’m trying to get her healthier)


She looks fine, they’re not supposed to be bursting at the seams. The hobby generally substantially over feeds pythons and boas.

As far as breeding I would suggest anything with the Lace gene. Lace Mojaves are nice and they aren’t regularly available. The ball python market is extremely saturated at the moment and not much is selling so you want to do something unique.


I agree with Don. Given the saturation of the market and how common mojave is, if you must breed, your best bet is with some more unique, rare or desirable. So definitely not spider. Maybe a nice higher end recessive like Tri-Stripe or Sunset to make hets


I’m going to add something else - what you breed really needs to be something you personally are interested in. Ball pythons are extremely overbred in this hobby, and many people have trouble moving lower end animals. As Don said, the market is saturated. If you are going to breed, you need to do enough research into the genes in the hobby that you know what you like and what you want to shoot for. If you have to rely on other people suggesting genes to you, I suggest you not breed until you know exactly what genes you want, why, and how to ID them consistently. Breeding just for the sake of breeding is a recipe to burn yourself out, and your animals will just suffer if you can’t move them or get rid of them to bad homes.


:arrow_up: What they said.
But if you like BELS - Mojave X Lesser is nice. Maybe get a super Lesser to breed with.

:arrow_up: Too true.
I would say, its not a fast sale or guaranteed money making option unless maybe you are at scale.
If you want to do it for the fun and pleasure of producing offspring, be happy to house and and feed the hatchings for as long as it takes, (maybe even make a loss) to ensure they eventually get good homes.


The Blitz/Hurricane/Trick complex looks really good with Mojave. You could get a multi-gene combo from this complex for less than $500


Thank you so much!