Can They Successfully Mate? Challenges with Hognose Snake Mating Due to Size Difference

Hello, thank you for your interest.I have a Hognose snake, the female weighs 660g and the male weighs 90g. There’s a significant size difference between them, making mating difficult. They are interested in each other. Can They Successfully Mate?


There shouldn’t be an issue. I know some breeders will pair males as small as 45 grams. Just have heavy supervision for the first bit as the female is massive.

Welcome to the community! We would love to see some pictures of your little and not so little hogs!


I’m not used to this community use. Thank you so much. The female has accepted him and the male is also courting hard.


Welcome to the community, @k_won . You’ll find plenty of people who love snakes and other creatures here. Best of luck with your hognose project!

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