Can we have a Badge for discussions over 1000 views? and 10 discussions over 1000 views?

Can we have a Badge or something like a name for creating discussions over 1000 views?
And another for discussions creating 10 or more discussions over 1000 views ?

I think discussions with 1000+ views help the site and might show up more in google searches, (I dont know much about that but it makes secnse) so why not encourage quality popular discussions?

All discussions are valid of course but we should encourage popular high viewed discussions, should we not?

Ok, I am a little invested with a few discussions with over 1k views, I admit it. But maybe motivation for me to reach 10 or more like that must be good?

But, it must be good for the site to encourage popular discussions ??

Tell me if i am wrong. Just an uneducated idea in the spirit of promoting the site and its quality discussions, presents on the internet


I have had a thought, some less honest people might click themselves repeatedly or on VPN to pump up the views.
Unless there was a way to remove those views, or have an equation of views X posts, maybe not such a good idea after all.

I find that sort of unlikely since the badges don’t really give you any sort of tangible benefit; they’re really just for fun, in my opinion.


So this is a double edged sword. You are righr that more traffic means a higher priority on the algorithm, but you need look no farther than Quora to see what it turns into when you incentivise views and traffic. Essentially people just post intentionally controversial topics knowing people will argue over it and it will draw attention.

Now that isnt to say those topics are no good, but most already exist on the forums already in some form or shape. But they are the easiest way to bring in views, so people just change the names slightly or restructure the question.

As an example:

One topic may be about the ethics of breeding spiders.

Another may be “im thinking of getting a spider BP but have heard they are bad.”

Another would be “pros and cons of the spider gene”

Etc. Etc. And then do it for every controversial topic. Yes, it would increase traffic, but it lowers the overal quality that the repeat users look for and only really attracts knee jerkers for the duration of the discussion.

This obviously isnt guaranteed to happen, and many of our members wouldnt start this kind of discussion for the soul purpose of garnering views, i only mean it attracts this type of “i need views” mentality which usually leads to controversy. So personally, while it seems like a great idea to help encourage engaging topics and well thought out ideas, i feel some would just take the easy way and go for emotional responses to garner said views.


I look at it this way as well. It just means with some of the badges you’ve been an active and participating member of the community :blush: