Can we have listings hyperlinked under corresponding traits in Morphpedia? [2290]

I am really thrilled about the Morphpedia addition to the platform, however I think the experience would be greatly improved if somewhere beneath the listed trait was a hyperlink to listings that have that trait. I am familiar with balls and learning boa morphs- the extra step of typing in the trait into the search bar isn’t the end of the world, but a hyperlink to a preindexed search would really streamline the process for new and experienced keepers alike.

This would be particularly useful for new herpers that come across more confusing gene names- such as confusing the Jungle Woma ball python for Pastel Jungle or Hidden Gene Woma or Woma lol.

(apologies if this has already been discussed- I didn’t find any similar posts through the search)


Your right, that’s a great idea :metal:

This is something that’s in our plans for future updates … but I’m glad were not the only ones that think it will be a good addition. I think the nicest way to do this would be with a multi image carousel, like the combo images are shown at the minute

I think a similar idea that would be good is to link combo names to the market.


that’s exciting! thank you :slight_smile:

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