Can you Co-hab Amazon tree boas

I’ve seen people co hab green trees so that has me wondering if I can do hab my Amazon tree boas I haven’t seen anyone say no so that is why I came here to see if anyone has done it

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You can keep a pair together.
You need atleast a 2 foot long x 3 foot tall for one. They will use all the space. So if you wanted a pair I personally would up the size to 3x4 and put more hiding spaces etc in.
And keep in mind they will breed so be prepared for that!
Assuming you know they’re live bearers?


If you do decide to house them together they need to be seperated during feeding (like all cohabitated snakes).

They do fine that way except for feeding. They will drop separate food items and end up fighting over one. They’re really dumb about it. Turn around for two second and you’ll be pulling one’s head out of the other’s mouth.