Can you guess the morphs?

That’s what I think too.

We have no solid concrete evidence (such as pinpointing the exact mutation and it’s location), but a awful lot of proof for many years, over the span of 100s, leads us to believe Butter and Lesser are the same morphs, just different names that were given to them by the two people that imported the two seperate wild caught specimens.


Some people will think otherwise. :woman_shrugging:t2: Either way, that wasn’t the point of this thread.

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That’s always the fun part! Beautiful girl!!

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Even if Butter and Lesser are different, which they could be but unlikely. They would still make a Blue Eyed Lucy when put together. So your girl can’t have both given she has so much pattern and color.


The morph…it is so beautiful :heart_eyes:


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Enchi Queen Bee?

Regular QueenSpins have less pattern than that so I don’t think pin. I think Super Pastel Enchi Lesser Spider