Can you guess what it is

Can you guess the genes in this animal

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A pastel lesser? :thinking:
(someone more knowledgeable chime in please lol)


I’d say the same.

Super pastel lesser? It has more of a washed out look than my pastel lesser.

Super pastel Lesser or Firefly Lesser…

Could be fire pastel lesser, or super pastel lesser. Too light and washed out to be pastel lesser I think.

Super pastel lesser yellow belly or super pastel mojave yellow belly

Great guesses guys

Ok so I am looking to buy this snake but as it is not from a breeder and is someone pet tht they wish to sell wasnt sure of the I’d was correct

So it is listed as a super pastle butter ghost

Now I get the super pastel and I get the butter but not the ghost??

I see the ghost. Looks to be an accurate ID

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My assumption is

The brightness and the yellow come form the super pastel

The pattern from the butter

And the washed out look from the goast