Can you see other genes in BELs?

Title says it all. If I make a Mojave lesser is there any way to determine extra genes?

Black light but not all extra genes will show.

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Do u know which do?

I have two young juveniles from the same clutch (GHI Lesser x YB Leopard Mystic), and one has a distinct yellowing to her belly that the other lacks, so I’m pretty confident the YB is visible. The other has a more pronounced (but still faint) purple dorsal stripe behind the head, and I’m curious whether that ends up being a Leopard expression. For some reason I think I remember hearing another breeder mention that in a video.

It depends a lot on the combo, I think…mystic doesn’t make the cleanest BELs, so it’s probably easier to see other genes after a few sheds especially under black light.

Leopard can throw that type of purple expression when mixed with some other genes.
Ivory Leopards have a purple dorsal stripe, it’s quite stunning.