Can you tell age by length?

Hi there,
I was wondering if it is possible to gauge age based on length of a KSB.
My male, Gilbert, is just over 15" in length as of this morning. I have had him for nearly a year now and he was about 12" or so when I got him. He is a re-home and the people I got him from didn’t know how old he was either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The issue is that every animal will grow differently and a lot of it depends on feeding than genetics.

So it mainly depends on whether the animal was fed appropriately to start with, I have mid 2019 that size.

He has been eating 2 pinkys every week or so and fuzzies when they have them and has been on that routine for the last 6 months or so. He was a bit nippy when I first got him but is now a puppy basically. He absolutely refuses to eat anything but live prey and I have noticed that he now kills them both then goes back to eat the first. This just started a few weeks ago.

The problem with pinkies is that is’t really meaningless when it comes to food it’s pretty much just water and fat, so the growth is gonna be slow too slow at that regimen.

You really want to make sure to feed the right size prey and continue to do so. so the animal can catch up.

Would you recommend that I get some fuzzies next? He ate on Monday so hes due if they have them in. He is about as thick as a roll of nickles right now.

You basically need to get a prey that is as big around as the biggest part of his body so if he is as big around as a nickle you are looking at a small hopper, a large fuzzy would be if he was the size of a dime.

Try a large fuzzy first see how he does and than up the size if you see he is doing well.

Awesome! Thank you very much for the help and advise.

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So I went out and got a scale today and weighed Gilbert. He’s 83-85 grams and just over 15". He wouldn’t stop trying to slither back to me but that’s the best range I could get. He took the two fuzzies down no problem either, one med. and one large.

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