Can ‘Your Saved Animals’ be sorted into custom groups?

I have a bunch of animals on my ‘Saved’ list. I noticed that they can be grouped by seller- specified characteristics in the ‘list’ view, but is there a way to make custom groupings? I have a bunch of species, as well as different morphs of the same species, and it would be cool to be able to look at a selection of them all at once in ‘grid’ view. Is there a way to do this?

Here’s an example of what I mean: Let’s say my Saved list consists of the blue-tongue skinks I like, the Tangerine leopard geckos I like, the Blood geckos I like, and the Melanistic leopard geckos I like. Let’s say I decide that today is the day to buy an orange gecko (so Blood, Tangerine, or any other morph/line that is orange).

Since many leos for sale are not labeled accurately, and lots of it is subjective, if I wanted to look at all the orange-colored geckos on my list all at once to compare them visually (in grid view), I think the only way would be to take screenshots and use those to compare to each other directly.

Is there a way to group saved animals? Like a compare button, or tags of some sort? Custom grouping ability would be awesome- please let me know if it’s already possible. :blush:


This has been a wish of mine for a loooooong time. The ability to filter our saved list, i.e. by sex, species, age, etc., just like the filtering when searching for an animal, would be amazing.

Would love to also filter nfs collection animals.

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