Candino genetics explanation

Hey guys I have a simple genetic question for you. Why a visual candino is in the description on morph market 100% albino and 100% candy? Thanks

Candy and albino are allelic morphs, so when they’re paired together they produce candinos.
They get 1 albino copy, and 1 candy copy. Hence why they’re listed as 100% het for both.

Breeding a visual candino to a normal, for example, would give you hets that are either albino or candy. Since it’s impossible to tell which is which, and they couldn’t be het for both with that specific pairing, they’d be labeled as 100% het candy or albino.


Thanks for your reply. And if I paring candino x pied I will have a 100% het pied, 100% Het albino, 100% het candy right?

Nope. That pairing would give you 100% het pied and either 100% het albino or 100% het candy. Then you would label the hatchlings 100% het pied and 100% het albino or candy( might be 50% het I can’t recall). And only then by breeding them out, you could prove which het is present.

Think of it like this. Albino and Candy are “like” a super form, meaning it is the homozygous display of that morph. So when bred together they will pass on the heterogeneous display known as Hets. And since they are allelic for example like black pastel and cinnamon, you can’t have an albino candy, just like you can’t have a super black pastel super cinnamon.
So when you breed a black pastel cinnamon (8 Ball) you can only pass on one of the genes of black pastel or cinnamon just like with candino.


no. you would get 100% het pied 50% het candy 50% albino.

The candino has one copy of each gene, one candy one albino so it has a 50/50 chance to pass them on or not. The piebald is homozygous, which means it has two copies of the pied gene giving it 100% chance to pass a copy off.


Ok everything now is clear. I thank you guys

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This is absolutely NOT the way to label the offspring.

@mnroyals has it correct. The offspring will be 100% het pied and either 100% het albino or 100% het candy


Ok… So guys now what is the right answer?

Dr. Wyman just confirmed the correct answer.
I would trust in him with any genetic answer.

Pied X Candino offspring = 100% het pied 100% het albino or candy.


Ok thanks… In this case the results will be double recessive ore triple recessive?

Double recessive, they will be 100% pied for sure and then either 100% candy OR 100% albino, which you won’t know until you prove them out


Nope, no triple recessives is possible.
Just het pied then either het albino or candy, not both.

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Please enlighten here.

Candy and albino are allelic which means a candino can only pass on either a candy or an albino allele. Unless there some new information that I am unaware of with genetic recombination there is exactly a 50% chance of the candino passing on a copy of the albino and a 50% chance that it passes on a copy of the candy. So until you prove it out it would be het for pied with a 50% chance it is het for albino or a 50% chance it is het for candy. I may be getting old and a tad senile but seems like we are splitting hairs on saying the exact same thing.

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If it is 50% het then there is a 50% chance it is not het, that isn’t the case here. In this situation there would only be 100% hets produced. Either candy or albino.

There is a 50% chance of it being candy and 50% of it being albino… After that decision is made them animals are either 100% one or the other.


As Thomas notes, it is about the nomenclature used in the hobby. Yes, there is a statistical 50% chance on which allele you will get but the animals are 100% no ifs, ands, or buts. By using the 50% a and 50% b there is the implication that the animal could prove out to be 100% het for both traits.

There is the het from a Candino labeled 50% het Albino, 50% het Candy
There is an animal that is labeled 50% het Axanthic, 50% het Clown

The meaning is something completely different in each case but the history of usage means they will both be treated the same (as the latter) and that is incorrect.

It is more proper to say that the animal is 100% het for either Albino or Candy