Candoia Boa traits - Category upgrade

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Sub Species:

  • C. Paulsoni Paulsoni
  • C. Paulsoni Tasmai
  • C. Aspera
  • C. Carinata
  • C. Bibroni Australis

Morph/Trait Tags:

  • Albino - recessive
  • White phase - other
  • Silver phase - other
  • Red phase - other
  • Black phase - other
  • Brown phase - other
  • Orange phase - other
  • Yellow phase - other
  • Green Phase - other

My suggestion for categories would be to list as:

  • C. Paulsoni Paulsoni
  • C. Paulsoni Tasmai
  • C. Aspera
  • C. Carinata
  • C. Bibroni Australis

The problem with Candoia is misidentification. I see it a lot, as someone who breeds and keeps many of these, that they are often listed with the wrong common and/or scientific name. I hope in the future for some ability to “suggest category change” on ads that are improperly labeled.

You will likely never see any other ssp listed for Candoia than the above species. Superciliosa, McDowelli, Rosadoi, Sadlieri, Vindumi - those aren’t exported or collected, and there are few to no reference photos existing online that I’ve seen to even properly identify some of the other more obscure ssp in Candoia.

As far as traits go, Candoia are variable and so far there are no 100% reliable traits to be added other than perhaps albino (aspera, though there will likely be none available to the public for many years). Locales are inconsistent and often also incorrect, and don’t mean anything in the end without proof or paperwork. There is no real way to prove island origination, as all variations of color phases come from various islands. We don’t have anything reliable like balls or sand boas, so there won’t be any “GX” or “Blade” or “Clown” type tags to add.

You could potentially create tags for:

  • White phase
  • Silver phase
  • Red phase
  • Black phase
  • Brown phase
  • Orange phase
  • Yellow phase

Edited to add: I am very excited to see this moving forward.


I would add 'Green phase to this list as well. I have green bibironi aus


Good addition, green colored ones are really rare.


“a one-of-a-kind leucistic C. paulsoni Jerry Conway had been working with”

I take it that this remained a one of a kind animal?

“Recently, there have been several albino projects popping up. Albinos Unlimited Inc. announced their importation of a wild-caught, albino C. aspera. If all goes well, there should be het albinos entering the hobby within the next couple of years if the trait proves to be recessive. There is also another private hobbyist that is currently working with possible het albino Isabel Island ground boas (C. paulsoni) and hypomelanistic Candoia sp. Another private hobbyist is working on producing calico C. aspera, from a dark male with random orange and white splotches. Lastly, although I haven’t heard of any proven lines of hypos, there are some hypo C. carinata, C. aspera, and C. b. australis floating around in private collections.”

How about these?

Yeah the one of a kind leucistic never made it anywhere to my knowledge.

That article is 10+ years old now and I have yet to see anything other than 1-2 albino viper boas in private collections. I would say the rest of those projects died out or didn’t prove out. Certainly so rare or in such private collections that they aren’t even online at all. I think sticking with just “albino” as a recessive trait is good enough. I think morphs in candoia are years and years off still.