Candy/Toffee and Lavender Albino

I’m in love with both Candy/Toffee and Lavender Albino. I would love to put together a breeding group but i can’t make up my mind which mutation to go with. For any body with experience with these mutations I would love to know which animals hold there color better as they age?


We sold our lavender stock several years ago because I haven’t seen any that compare to candy/toffee as adults.


Here’s what I feel!!!

Chose your additional Genes well, and work the hell out of it. Quality is the key… don’t plan with what’s avaialable now. Plan, and work for the sky!!! Stuff that isn’t available now will be next year. Plan your females around that… The Name doesn’t matter much. Pick the right breeders. :v:

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I like candy/toffee because it’s allelic with albino

This is my candy pied!


I love both of these genes as well. From what I’ve seen, the Candies and Candinos stay bold and contrasted as adults with varying levels of browning out (though for this morph that’s not necessarily a bad thing, they still look amazing), while the Lavenders fade but also stay purple and light. I think they both get better with age and I hope to work with both in the future. Lots of untapped potential here.


If you looking for a strong gene that really enhances candy then Mojave or enchi really make it pop