Can't Find Newly Posted Ads

:thinking: can anyone tell me why I can’t see my hatchlings on MM can if I put out page name in they come up ?

Did you just post them? Sometimes it takes a few hours for them to go up. You also will not see them if they don’t have ID numbers.

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I posted them yesterday , they have been on , yes I have ID numbers for them

Are you paying a membership?

No don’t think so, the pics were there all day yesterday and today but they have gone, if I put my name in they pop up , x

Paying membership wouldn’t matter, but I don’t have any problem finding the ads, under genetic strip in EU region:

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Aww there they are! I wonder why nobody couldnt see them yesterday, thank you very much for finding them ! X

I was thinking about the shop name populating. I read his original post wrong.
My bad @lawnaylor