"Cappuccino"? Help identifying new baby

So… I just found this baby… Dad is officially “I have no idea”(someone thought he could be a cappuccino, he was gifted to me from someone that doesn’t do cresties… I thought he was a low expression lavender harley, and someone else offered he could be a partial pin lavender with portholes)and mom is a red and cream harlequin(but she has a tail “Y” too… So maybe thats where baby got it?)
Almost very baby I have had of his looks like this one… Some have been much darker… I don’t have pix because my dang cats kept jumping on the baby enclosure, popping the screen and poof, no babies :sob:
The nursery enclosure is now secure and the naughty cats can’t use it as a perch…
I do have more eggs Im waiting on to hatch…
I dont have the money to get a female Cappuccino to prove him out… I’ve seen cappuccinos very similar to him and even ones that don’t…

What do we think this child is?
Is this a possible cappuccino baby?
I’m still learning and had no idea this was a thing until recently… I’m kind of bummed because I was so disappointed in getting all these “plain” and “ugly” babies… Then to have someone point out that the dad could be a cappuccino and tell me about them makes me feel really dumb…

Pix of baby, mom and dad…


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I don’t believe either of them are cappuccino.

Mum is a partial pin red harlequin possibly has Dal spots

Dad looks to be a low expression pin dash, dalmation. He doesn’t have the dark to white tail it the v so not likely a cappuccino. I can’t comment on lavender unless you have a fired up pic of him also. He doesn’t have markings on limbs so not harlequin, however this might show up in fired up pic of him, but I think it might be part of the Snowflake trait.

Baby - although has a slight v, it doesn’t have the dark to white section on tail. I’d say he/she is a pin dash brindle with portholes & Dal spots.

I may be slightly wrong, see what ghoulish Cresties has to say. But would be better with fired up pics to confirm.

Tbh, I think I’m order to confirm his a cappuccino, you’d need to pair him to another cappuccino. Or he produces a distinctive cap. But none of these pics show cappuccino (in my opinion)

Also, what is that red mark on the babies back?

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Here is an example of what I mean when I say dark to light tail.


He’s a Harley pin dash Dalmatian as said on a previous post…

Would Not say a cap at all.

Mums a red Harley partial pin

Babies looks like a Harley brindle with Dal spots.
Not a cap…


I’ll add I have dark and other babies here with dark tails and a V. That are NOT caps. I’ve also seen caps with lighter tails and no v.

I will say I don’t think yours is a cap at all. So as we’ve said, morphs above^.


The red thing is substrate :blush:
I did mist baby and it fired up dark but im not too sure…
I’ve seen Caps without the tail “V” and some others with a pretry dark tail, but I’m still learning…
There are some on MM now that look identical/very similar(to me at least) to this wee baby, but I completely agree that he should be paired with a female Cap to be sure… I just can’t afford one :sob:
I would be gappy to send him to someone to prove out and put my curiosity to rest but have no idea whom…

Fired up baby(After i misted and they didn’t appreciate it :joy:)

Unfortunately pic is too dark for me to see.

Yeah, I know some don’t have the v or the dark part of the tail, but the tail is significantly whiter.

Again until you can prove out, it would not be confirmed but I do not see anything to make either of them a cappuccino. Also there are VERY few cap breeders out there so you are not likely to find someone who’s willing to give a female up for the season.

I know there is a pic on here showing a cap compared to a non cap, I’ll see if I can find it.

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I can’t seem to find it :tired_face:

However this link will take you to an informative website with a little about how to identify cappuccino’s.

Again, I don’t see anything for yours to be caps. But you may be able to message someone who has caps to see if they could help you?

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