Carpet python question

Calling all carpet keepers! Is there a noticeable difference in difficulty between the larger and smaller subspecies of carpet pythons? I’m asking because I plan to eventually keep carpet pythons, but I can’t decide whether to stick to the smaller subspecies or the go for the diamond python, one of my dream snakes.

Diamonds come with their own set of challenges and difficulties that differ from other large carpets. A lot of it has to do with how they’re cared for.

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What do you mean by difficulties and challenges? I thought they were kinda like coastal carpets except a bit smaller and a different pattern.

Diamonds are unique because of their natural history. They are from a radically different environment than coastals or jungles. I would suggest researching them specifically. Keep in mind that unless you’re getting one with good lineage information (and sometimes even then) a lot of diamonds have been outcrossed. Really that goes for most carpets. I wouldn’t buy from someone who doesn’t have lineage charts if you’re concerned about getting a specific sub species.

All of the subspecies have different personality traits and attitudes. Even among Jungles or Coastals attitudes vary. My normal jungle is a puppy dog, my zebra jungle wants everyone to die.

I strongly suggest checking out the podcast called ‘Carpet Cliff Notes’ as well as Morelia Python Radio. Morelia Python Radio has 10 years of podcasts available online that have more carpet python information than you’ll ever need.


As Don notes, thinking that diamonds are just smaller speckled carpets is akin to thinking that chondros are just green carpets. They are entirely different beasts and their care and keeping reflect that.

This. Right here. Absolutely.


As others have said diamonds are a significantly different than other carpets and I would also add they are quite different than any other python species out there. Their natural climate and habitat is unique among pythons and they have some special needs. I would say they are not a beginner morelia.

That being said of all of the snakes i have ever had the pleasure of owning they are at the very top of that list. I got a pair of SDZ line diamonds long ago and they spurred me to learn more about pythons and diamond pythons in particular than my entire lifetime in the hobby had. They are so inquisitive, it is fascinating. When I had to get rid of my collection losing them hurt the most, a decade later I am still bummed about it and I cringe when I see what a diamond python costs today.

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