Carpet python x ball python hybrids

I currently have a tiger het axanthic carpet python, i couldn’t find any information i was looking for anywhere. I was wondering if cross breeding this with different royal morphs will have a change in the patterns, i found stuff on bloods, other short tails and burms with royals and gtps and carpets but hardly anything on royals x carpets. if there is any important information out there you’d like to share i’d be very grateful thanks (:

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We had a discussion on this awhile back. Thought you would like to take a look

Mendelian morphs will carry across. I know coastal carpet x Spider ball was done once and the Spider carried over. And there was a Spinnerblast ball x carpondro that was also done and those babies also showed all three mutations.

Polygenetic morphs, like Tiger, may or may not, and I lean toward ‘not’ in this case.

The only thing I would advocate you avoid would be Jag x Spider (or Woma, HGW, and Champ). Even if they are not homologous (as some suspect) the shared detrimental secondary phenotypes would likely, in combination, lead to terminal offspring