Casa de Nanners

Nanners got a sweet upgrade from his crappy but cheap sterilite bin, to a De-lux apt in the sky!

I present, Casa de Nanners!

It has color changing lights for sweet snake raves! Holds heat and humidity really well, but I also have a sweat lodge for nanners if he needs more. He now has enough room for his branch and his rock! A custom kiddie pool and lots of homey touches! Many items are from the dollar tree, 5 below, and amazon. I have plans for new hides, a snake jungle gym, and other cusom touches, but for now, I think hes pretty happy. I know I am!


Too cool! I hope Nanners is a better housekeeper than my colubrids, or it’ll look like someone slipped laxatives into the party drugs at the snake rave. :smiley:


Lol, nanners poops in his hides like 90% of the time.


I have one small concern… Where is the thermostat probe? I see the cord and it looks like it’s somewhere on the ground… Or does it stop just at the ground?


It’s near the floor, i read keeping it near where the snake is was better, but i can move it easily


Oh I was just worried it was somewhere on the floor. Cause that would be bad if the snake peed or got it wet somehow and it made the temp spike.

As long as it’s just off the ground it should okay

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