Case of gender misidentification

Sooooo… im a bad beardie mom. We’ve had ace for almost two years, and i never really questioned what gender his breeder said he was. Well, i was attempting to clean his tail and nether regions cuz he likes to drag his tail thru his business, and he hates baths so he doesnt get them as often as he should. Anyway. Im really starting to question if ace isnt actually a girl.

Yall are pretty experienced so I’d like your thoughts. Sorry for the dirty poop shoot. :sweat_smile:


We need pics of underneath, not of his or her bum :sweat_smile:
Need pics of between legs above.

But from first pic I see no pores so I’d say you’ve got yourself a girly.

So i actually did the flashlight method. Ace is a boy. With beardied dragons both genders can have femoral pores, and their hemepene bulges are in the tail, not netween the legs as with most geckos.

Pic off of google:

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Males pores are more prominent, a friend is a breeder of high end Beardies :blush:

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While this is true the first two pics is the standard and more reliable way to check beardies. Id say this animal is most likely a male just not a very prominent hemipenal bulge. I have a similar male.

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