Cause for concern? Help?

Was doing my weekly checking and cleaning of my new snakes and took out my newest and smallest snake when I noticed markings around her jaw. Some of them seems to be coloring and specklig (almost like freckles?).

However here is what my concern is:


It’s her bottom left section that’s darker. I’m extremely new with snakes, but I take their health and care very seriously. Is this coloring on her face something I need to take her to a vet for, or is it me being a new snake parent being overly cautious and anxious?


Additional photos I just was able to get

I’m no expert but looks like it’s on both sides just the left more ,could buy colour psttern forming or freckles ? Is it eating ,shedding ,shitting as normal?

I’ve only had her since Tuesday, but I did clean out a stool she had this morning. I am going to attempt a feeding tonight. If she takes it I won’t be as concerned as I am right now.

Overall she seems like a very healthy and curious snake. I just want to be ahead of the game if it does seem to be something of concern.

Lol. I told you to not worry so much she looks fine. They have all different shades of coloring you’re good.


Was thinking same :joy:

Margo would not even go for the rat. Immediately when I dangled it in front of her she curled up and began heavy breathing and hissing. Really really upsetting to see.

Oliver didn’t have the same reaction, and actually took the rat pup, but he unfolded and moved away from it as soon as I closed his tub.

Both snakes are coming from a breeder who fed live, but so did my other two and they never had an issue like this. I will try again on Friday for them, and hope for a better outcome.

Luna (the one this thread was started about) is already so tiny at 84 grams. I just want her to thrive :confused:

A rehabber I’ve been talking to as said sometimes rubbing the f/t food with bedding from gerbils or hamsters can help with the transition. He has a 4 year old girl who’s only ever taken live take a f/t mouse (intentional small meal) scented with hamster bedding. Apparently they are naturally inclined to eat gerbils and such.

She looks to be a pied, I believe. What you’re seeing is called “pied beard.” Just different color scales under their chins. I have a pied who has some pretty extensive pied beard. Nothing to worry about.


Thank you so much @musicalsoldier for telling me that! Oh god, that makes me feel more relaxed!
Yes, she is a pied :smiley: She’s my first pied >.<

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And a beautiful one at that… Beard or not :grin:

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The “beard” will most likely spread a bit down her neck too as she grows.