CG OG ID help. Is there fire?

Bit of a longshot but hoping I’m not just seeing what I want to in these boys…

1.0 enchi pastel special Mojave het orange ghost
0.1 coral glow Mojave Fire het orange ghost

The babies. 2 coral glow special orange ghosts.
They’re beautiful. Debating on holding one back since I can’t ID anything past CG Crystal in a clutchmate so far.

I’ve been staring at the headstamp on the smaller one… The back of the head looks like a clover. And I’m thinking he’s also got fire? The dorsal color also seems a bit lighter, the pattern is a bit more melted looking near the tail and the oranges are still bright on the sides.
I know it’s a tough ID, mostly curious on what the community sees and if there’s markers I’m missing?




I am sorry can’t tell you with any decent amount of accuracy for fire. I know fire can sometimes disrupt the side pattern a bit, but really hard to tell if it has or if that is just the special pattern. Just wanted to say, wow, those are great looking snakes! Really like the dorsal and head stamp and overall look they have! Very beautiful!

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No worries! It doesn’t help that I chose quite a few genes to mix together :sweat_smile:
I know there’s something else going on with the smaller one because of the pattern disruption being heavier at the tail. There’s a chance that there’s low expression enchi causing that as well. Between that and fire sometimes being so iffy to ID they’re going to be listed as just female maker CG Special OGs and a blurb about possibly being pastel/enchi/fire due to parentage.

Thank you for the comment on them as well! I still am a little shocked that I managed to have these beauties hatch out. I just seem to have the bad luck of hitting the wrong sex. Hahah. Hoping mom gives me a similar female next season!

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