Chahoua and Gargoyle Gecko Category [DONE]

Anyone else agree there should be 2 more categories added to Other Geckos
or a category of their own for Gargoyle Geckos and Chahoua Geckos in the MorphMarket for Europe?
I can see it in the u.s but not europe yet.

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While it may change in the future (keep in mind this is still a fairly new forum), right now it’s a matter of traffic and post counts, and there are very few threads (25) in the gecko forum which does not justify multiple sub-forums, and unlike other forums rather than have multiple sub-forums that sometime are barely or not used at all and lead to clutter, we simply use tags.

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I think the OP was referring to the market, and I have recategorized the post.

As to why some subcategory shows up in the US but not Europe, it’s just because there’s nothing posted. The subcat exists it’s just not displayed. But I added the popup window shown here to try to clarify this:



Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: