Chaise Patten Charity

Hey all, wanted to highlight the effort to raise money for Chaise Patton, who work for JKR Reptiles. Chaise is fighting brain cancer and the community has rallied to help support his treatment. If you don’t already know about it, please consider donating, bidding on an item, or donating some items. We are about to set a record for top fund raisers on How about that from the reptile community!?

In April 12th Chaise had a seizure. He was taken to the hospital thinking it would be routine, that he would get in and get out and spend the evening with his family and have a controllable disorder that thousands deal with daily. Unfortunately we found a large mass on his temporal lobe. A stage 2 Glioma that has been growing for years. Now a controllable disorder turned into major surgery, chemo and radiation, months of rehab to overcome the surgery, and the life changing news that even as we take care of this it will be a part of his life and need to be monitored and possibly more surgery as it grows back. The surgeon is hopeful that 90% of the tumor can be removed. This life saving surgery will be a monumental costs to him and his family. We ask for anything that can help us just start to get a hold of financials as we try to keep his life as normal as possible


These guys @jt1 @Mikebrizzee @jkobylka have been key players in this support process.


Thank you John!! That’s amazing.

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