Chameleon Breeders

Does anybody know of any good, reliable chameleon breeders that produces captive bred Parsons Chameleons? Locality of the Parsons doesn’t matter. Thanks!

Have you checked out the Market Place side? I am not sure if your question is permitted to be answered or n this MMC side.

However anyone correct me if I am wrong. You might also check out the Cold Blooded side as well with your question.

Best of luck to you! :blush:

There are several Parson’s chameleons currently listed in the Marketplace. Just click on chameleons and select Parson’s from the list of options that pops up.

Here’s one listing of a captive bred female as an example: Female Yellow Giant Parson Chameleon Parson's Chameleon by The Kameleon Room

(Pretty sure we decided this sort of link-sharing was allowed, mods please correct me if I’m out of line.)


Yep I am sure what you did is the right thing. I’m not good at providing links! :joy: I’m still old school!

Thank you Jennifer! :pray::+1:

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