Chameleon crazy

I have been waiting for 3 chameleons for ages. Today they finally arrived. This is “Pru” the low pied Yemen. Her hands lol front feet…and tail are pied.


Ok I’m going to just go ahead and run the risk of sounding stupid. When she changes color do they stay white? So like totally blend in besides hands feet and tail? Kinda takes away the 🥷🏿 lol

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Pied isn’t a natural occurrence but I think it would since they lack pigment, no matter what ratios of pigment are being applied (if that makes any sense).

Pied in yemen chams were originally found in the wild. As I say shes low pied
…look at my other thread for a different looking one :wink: her feets are black and white also her tail. I purchased a low pied to pair with my high pied male…see other thread


yep the white n black bits don’t have the tiny crystals of colour changing iridophores


Yemen Cham?? These kinda remind me of veiled chams…are they related to veiled??

Also beautiful work as always Welsh!!! Loving your beautiful pics.


They are the same species. I much prefer scientific names personally C. calyptratus