Champagne ball python questions

How common is the head wobble on champagnes? is it to the point that it’s unethical to breed them? asking because I saw a beautiful champagne mojave I was thinking of buying and pairing with my scaleless head ball python.

Champagnes on there own “don’t typically” wobble. It is only when you mix them with certain genes that you will get a noticable wobble


From what I understand they have a chance of wobbling just like spiders. Some have it bad, others don’t. My champagne pastel banana only showed it when feeding. However, stress/higher temps make it worse. Keep them 86-88°F and no higher, and when you first get one don’t be surprised if it wobbles a lot after the seller said it doesn’t. The stress is what really makes em worse.


I’ve never hatched a single gene that showed a visual wobble. Only time I witnessed a visual wobble from a champagne I’ve hatched was when it was stacked with other wobble genes.


Everything I have seen/read would indicate that the expression level of wobble in Champs is typically low.

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I’ve rarely noticed head wobble from our Champaign but I have read it would be more if environment wasn’t on point or if they are stressed.

She is a great snake (one of my favourites) and lovely to hold.

I have only had 2 babies (5ish genes each) I have produced with wobble and they had a lot of genes… from the same clutch I had another 3 gene champagne that shows none.

None this year have shown signs.