Champagne Clutch ID Help!

Hello all! I’m struggling to identify some mystery kids in my last clutch of the season. I’ve had a few people speculate as to what they are but I haven’t found anything that has the identifying orange head stamp as these kids do. I’d really appreciate some insight as to what I’m seeing!

Pairing was Banana Pinstripe (Possible Pastel) x Pastel Enchi Champagne with a very VERY tiny chance of the sire being a super pastel instead.



Pic of the whole clutch:

Mystery babies:


So here are my guesses and explanation.

  1. Banana Champagne Pastel Enchi
  2. Champagne Pastel
  3. Champagne Pastel
  4. Banana Champagne Pastel
  5. Banana Champagne Pastel Enchi

These are just wild guesses going of what slight patterning I can see. Don’t take them as anywhere near definitive.

I think the orange head stamp is a mixture of Banana and Enchi showing through. The ones showing it also have high contrast markings, which I believe is Enchi dominating the pattern.

Lovely clutch by the way :muscle:


Those are definitely helpful guesses and great insight! I forgot to add a photo of the 6th champagne animal that I believe to be just plain champagne pastel, since he’s the darkest and most heavily patterned of the 6! Just in case anyone thinks otherwise of him.


Since coral glow/banana is a sex linked is the sire a male maker or female maker? Also I have hatched a lot of champagne clutches the last couple years. I’ve come to the conclusion identifying babies that are white is next to impossible. They will go through a lot of color changes. I had a female that had literally zero color until she 8 months old. Looked like a super fire. Then she had color and pattern gradually come in. I would say that your whole clutch looks to have pastel. I think the white champagnes are pastel, the ones with the end stamps pastel enchi. And whether or not your sire was a male or female maker could help you determine the ones that are banana. They are super nice! I love champagne!

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That’s where it gets trickier! The male was a surrender with little to no background. We bred him after quarantine since banana champagnes are absolutely spectacular, but ended up with more than what we bargained for! The mystery babies are an even split between male and female, with 2 females and 1 male being the super light white and bright orange animals.

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I would say odds are he’s a male maker. So I would say the males are coral glow.