Champagne _____?

Hi all!

This is my Flare! I got him at an expo last October and I absolutely adore him! I was told he was a lesser champagne. I’ve never been a huge fan of the champagne gene, but I couldn’t pass this guy up! I was drawn to his beautiful bright oranges and purple accents.

I was looking for images of lesser champagne to get an idea of what he may mature into, but am finding he doesn’t really look like a lesser champagne. I’ve been told that maybe he’s a banana champagne.

I am here to appeal to the masses… what do you guys see?


I don’t know but he is sure beautiful

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I’m pretty certain you have a Banana Champagne there.

Beautiful snake :blush:


Banana Champagne


. Definitely agree. Here is our Banana Champagne we produced last year. My favorite hold back from last year. He is a female maker too. Such a cool combo.