Changing from heat cord to heat tape

I was wondering if it is advisable to switch from heat cord to heat tape in a Vision rack system? Also if it is ok, do you recommend cutting out a strip of the rack where the tape will go so there is some room between the tape and the bottom of the tub?

pictures might help to get a better idea of what you’re exactly talking about, or like a little diagram being drawn. It’s okay if you can’t provide either. Overall from my experience heat tape is MUCH safer and more effective than heat cording could so much as manage, along with generally being more convenient. on my rack systems I’m lucky enough to have small rosters for my heat tape to sit in with metal conductors to produce heat and contact between the actual tub and tape. On an Vision system it seems it might be a bit more complicated, although setting up a panel along the back side and running the heat tape along that panel, or making similar metal holders to mine (I will get pics ASAP) to put them underneath or behind the racks should work

Edit: I was looking at ARS RACKS, not VISIONS, my bad, I will send pictures of my heating system which I believe would work with yours

Is there a reason you want to switch? Vision racks are designed for heat cable rather than heat tape. I suspect converting it to heat tape may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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