Changing from multis to rats

I have had my ball python to eat twice since I got her 3 weeks ago, the breeder was feeding on multis as there was someone near him breeding them, where I live it’s harder to get hold of multis. I just wanted some advice off people who have had to change from multis to rats and the different ways to try. She takes the multis but not the rats I’ve tried defrosting them in from of her cage to get the scent, I’ve even tried rubbing the multi all over the rat to try and get the scent of the multi on the rat and that hasn’t worked, the only one that worked for me the other night was waiting until she nearly finished the multi and then putting the rats head in her mouth… and advice welcome

Have you tried braining the multi and rubbing the jucies over the rat or the head of the rat? Brain jucies are strong smelling to any snake. She might go for it that way.

I haven’t tried that, I will try that one when I feed her next to see if it works. Thanks

From what I understand snakes love the scent of brain. Use that technique for all stubborn feeders (though keep in mind I deal with mainly corns). And have counted myself fortunate that the one ball I do have took to rats without missing a beat.

I’m hoping because I put the rat in her mouth when she was finishing the multi and now shes had a taste of it that she might hopefully take a rat straight away next time hopefully never know though Haha

Well it’s more about scent and heat. Don’t think snakes really taste their meals like we do. So hot hot hot rat scented with multi brain… I’d almost bet it’s gonna work.

Just keep in mind to go back to your basics during this change. Do like most do when getting a new snake. No handling. No trying to often to feed if they reject. And most of all patience :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m not handling until she takes 5 consecutive meals… I’ll try just heating the head up on the rat first and if she doesn’t strike I’ll use the multi brain.

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Well heat up the entire rat. And if possible scruff the rat with the tongs and don’t dangle it awkwardly above the snake’s head. Optimally you want the snake in a hide so the rat can “walk by” and trigger a strike. That’s what I’ve always done. After all… Floating rats don’t exist lol

You can try a live rat. Once she gets used to rats, try frozen thawed again.

Just an update feed her last night done the same as last week just scented the rat with the multi by rubbing the multi on the rat warmed the head up and she took the rat straight away no problems


Now what I would do is do that a few times and then once she’s taken a scented rat say 4 times… Skip a meal and try after an unscented.