Check out this shed


Amazing, what kind of lizard? Mine either eat their sheds or shed in patches.

Newt, actually!

I was today years old when I found out newts shed. :flushed:



Yes!! So do my tiger salamanders!

I believe most if not all species of amphibian shed, including frogs!


I am as well, I didn’t know Newts shed Newt shaped skin :laughing:

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I have an African giant Bull frog. I have never found a frog shaped skin. Maybe he sheds in small pieces or eats it??? Or do Bull frogs shed some other way?

From what I’ve seen, they eat their sheds! I kept a couple tree frogs for a bit and they would pull the shed skin into their mouths. It was very odd to watch.

Yes, it is odd to watch the geckos eat their skin too. I almost never remove the cage cover and look down at Buford. He jumps at my face or maybe nose and even though he is in a 40 long, he is getting very close to snaging me. LOL he is terrifying, he grabs and holds on. The last time he got past the tongs I ruined a nice pair of pants with blood stains. (Buford was fine, he was not hurt in anyway) Umm long winded way to say I’ve never seen him in shed.